Winding machine disconnection fault solution

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Winding machine disconnection fault solution

When a wire breakage fault occurs in the winding machine, it is called a winder disconnection, which is the case where the motor is out of phase. When the winding machine is broken, the motor will have a series of faults. If it is light, there will be difficulty in starting. The three-phase current is unbalanced and there is abnormal vibration. In the case of heavy temperature rise beyond the controllable range, the winding machine smokes, burns, etc. .
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 Winding machine

(1) Reasons for production

The reasons for the disconnection of the winding machine mainly include: the line is broken during maintenance; the manufacturing process problem; the welding of the components of the winding machine is poor, the overheating is removed; the winding machine is damaged by external force; the winding machine is short-circuited and grounded, resulting in Burned and so on.

(two) detection method

1. Observation method. The most common position of the breakpoint is generally at the end of the winding machine. The two ends of the winding machine can be visually inspected for de-soldering.

2. Multimeter or shake table detection method. The first and last ends of each phase winding machine are separately measured, and one phase of infinity is a broken phase.

3. Power-on detection method. When the motor is in normal operation, the clamp current meter is used to measure the three-phase current respectively. If the three-phase current is unbalanced and the short-circuit fault can be eliminated, the minimum current winding machine has an open circuit fault.

(three) processing repair methods

1. When the circuit is broken at the end, reconnect it and re-solder it. It should be dried with appropriate insulation and immersed in insulating varnish.

2. The internal winding machine is broken. This kind of situation cannot be repaired. The winding machine coil must be replaced.

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