The handling method of CNC winding machine is not good

2019-05-16 11:46:19 HUIYUECN 2

The handling method of CNC winding machine is not good

     CNC Winding Machines are often used in motors, generators, transformers, voltage regulators, and coils around them. The majority of the CNC winding machine is not good because of the tension and the problem of the cable. The winding and the cable are difficult to match. It may be possible at the beginning. The more the number of windings can be, the harder the cable is. Aligned. There may also be the following reasons:

  1, the line package model frame is reasonable; 2, the wire reel structure; 3CNC is not adjusted. If there is no problem before it appears now, let the mechanic look at it and see what it is.
       In the maintenance of the CNC winding machine, replace the suspected faulty parts with the used spare parts. After the maintenance personnel basically judge the cause of the fault, this method can be used to quickly diagnose the fault range and make the winding machine quickly put into normal operation, and then the fault will be broken. The parts are returned for repair, which is currently the most commonly used method for troubleshooting the CNC winding machine.

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