What is the advantage of the infrared tunnel furnace Juke brand?

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What is the advantage of the infrared tunnel furnace Juke brand?

Juke Industrial HY-K02 infrared tunnel furnace adopts precise temperature control system, controlled by PID microcomputer. There are three internal heating zones, indirect drying. The product is heated and dried by tunnel furnace. The moisture content of the product is low. It is designed for reflow soldering of SMT components. Drying, curing, and discharging of printed circuits and electronic products and powder materials.

HY-K02 infrared tunnel furnace is designed and manufactured by foreign advanced technology, with advanced structure, easy disassembly and assembly, and beautiful appearance. The high-tech insulation material has good heat insulation performance and strong heat preservation. The heating technology adopts far-infrared heating technology, and the heating elements are arranged reasonably and the energy consumption is low. The internal hot air circulation makes the temperature in the furnace more uniform and without holes, ensuring the quality of the oven products.

The infrared tunnel furnace has low thermal inertia, does not require warming up, saves manpower, saves costs for the enterprise, and can be heated both inside and outside. In general heating mode, heat is conducted from one end of the object to be heated to the other end or from the surface of the object to be heated to the inside of the object to be heated. Therefore, the heated object may be unevenly heated, the heating process is slow, and the efficiency is not high. not ideal. The infrared energy can be simultaneously heated inside and outside, so that the heated object can be uniformly heated, so that the desired drying requirement can be achieved and the quality of the desired dry object can be guaranteed and improved. Internal heating, because there is no surface conjunctiva, it can improve the efficiency of 2~3 times or more, thus achieving energy-saving effect; the production line is short, because of the high efficiency of heating and drying, it only takes tens of minutes to complete, thus saving space. , shorten the production process. Save labor and factory labor costs. The shortening of the heating time means energy saving, and it is an effective way to save energy by shortening the heating time.

 HY-K02 Infrared Tunnel Furnace - Features:

 a, high temperature line: 62, 42 national standard high temperature line standard, saving 2-5 times than traditional vertical oven, saving more than 30%, and high work efficiency.
b. Select domestic new thermal insulation material, strong thermal insulation, vacuum-gold-plated infrared reinforced membrane on the outer surface, good temperature resistance, and can work continuously for more than 6,000 hours.
c. Fully automatic temperature control technology, accurate temperature control, and high temperature protection function. When the temperature reaches the set temperature, it will automatically stop heating, and alarm will be issued to avoid loss caused by over temperature.
d. The conveyor head adopts a spiral method to adjust the tightness of the mesh belt, which is beautiful and durable.
e, the fuselage is made of stainless steel square pass, sectional design structure, easy to disassemble and install.
f, dustproof, safe, beautiful, shackle structure installation, convenient maintenance and combination.
g, the furnace body is sealed with imported silica gel.
h, the other side of the furnace side hinges are equipped with handles for easy maintenance.
i. The furnace body is 1.5MM/1.2MM galvanized sheet bent and welded to the outer upper chamfer.
j. The inner wall of the furnace is 1.2MM SUS201 stainless steel, and each infrared tube is equipped with a stainless steel reflector.
k, unique built-in fan design, safe and reliable, the furnace cavity is clean and tidy.

 HY-K02 Infrared Tunnel Furnace - Parameters

(1) Dimensions: L6000W900H1250mm. (Customized size can be customized)
(2) Size of the roasting area: L4800mm*W700mm*H150mm. The material placement area is 600mm in front and 600mm in the rear. The stainless steel plate is installed in the discharge area and the discharge area. The height adjustment plate is installed at the entrance and exit, and the adjustment range is 30-100MM.
(3) Number of body sections: 2 sections. Divided into 3 roasting areas, the first 250MM low temperature area, and the last 2 constant temperature areas.
(4) Conveying carrier: conveying bandwidth 700MM adopts 30*15 stainless steel flat-through, with a spacing of 46MM. 6-point double-pitch high carbon steel chain on both sides.
(5) Reducer: 1200:1 reducer set, speed control mode: frequency control, precise speed regulation.
(6) Conveying speed 0.2~3M/min (frequency adjustment)
(7) Power: 1/2P Taiwan TECO inverter and 1/2P motor.
(8) Protect the surface of the inlet and outlet ports with SUS201=1.5MM protection plate.
(9) The conveying sprocket adopts the tooth surface carbonization standard sprocket, and the main shaft is cold drawn steel.
(10) The bottom of the adjustment caster foot cup is easy to move and position, adjust the height and level.

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 Stainless steel strip tunnel furnace
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Stainless steel video tunnel furnace
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Stainless steel infrared tunnel furnace
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Stainless steel mesh belt tunnel furnace (encrypted)
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Juke IR drying line tunnel furnace
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Two-line infrared tunnel furnace
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Ten meter transformer tunnel furnace
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Small infrared tunnel furnace
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Small transformer tunnel furnace
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Small infrared tunnel furnace controller
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Stainless steel square tunnel furnace
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Juke infrared tunnel furnace scene picture
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Juke tunnel furnace baking diagram
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Juke tunnel furnace working diagram
Juke tunnel furnace working diagram.jpg

Juke tunnel furnace work diagram 1
Juke tunnel furnace work diagram 1.jpg

Juke tunnel furnace control panel
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Juke Tunnel Furnace Timer
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Tunnel furnace inverter debugging
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Juke tunnel furnace box protection
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Dongguan Tunnel Furnace Factory
Dongguan Tunnel Furnace Factory.jpgInfrared tube tunnel furnace infrared tube: vacuum gold-plated infrared enhancement film on the outer surface, length 450. Continuous working life of more than 6000 hours, 500W / strip 380V.

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