Several Factors Affecting the Life of Infrared Tunnel Furnace Tubes

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Several Factors Affecting the Life of Infrared Tunnel Furnace Tubes

 First, the voltage

A, pipe wall load. The load lamp has a low life, the same working current, and the lamp has a small diameter and a low life.
B, working voltage. The lamp voltage is high and the service life is low.
C, power density. High power density lamp life is low.
Second, the material

The quality of the quartz glass on the pipe wall has a great influence on the life of the infrared lamp. Good quartz glass has high purity, no bubbles inside, and a smooth surface. Because the wall temperature generally works above 800 °C, if the purity is not enough impurities, the surface of the glass will vaporize, resulting in many tiny pits, which affect the ultraviolet radiation out of the tube wall. The domestic quartz tube can be visually seen with bubbles in the tube wall, which affects the ultraviolet radiation from the tube wall. The air bubbles will form a high-pressure air mass explosion at high temperature to break the tube wall. The electrode material is typically a surface of a tungsten wire that is fired with a layer of zirconate or other cathode emitting material. The aging resistance and temperature resistance of tungsten wire and cathode materials directly affect the life of the electrode.

Third, the production process

This factor is the most important factor restricting the quality of domestic infrared lamps. The main processes affecting the service life of the lamp are: cleaning the inner wall of the lamp, vacuuming, purity and injection of mercury, argon charge and discharge, electrode lead welding, cathode material sintering, etc. The entire process should be carried out in an advanced cleaning facility; cathode material sintering, welding and sealing, etc. should be completed under vacuum conditions. At present, domestic manufacturers of UV lamp tubes do not have these conditions, which greatly affects lamp life.

 Fourth, the method of use

Incorrect use will result in a significant reduction in lamp life. Pay attention to the following points during use:
Several Factors Affecting the Life of Infrared Tunnel Furnace Tubes.jpg

Several Factors Affecting the Life of Infrared Tunnel Furnace Tubes.jpg

 A. The transformer parameters and lamp parameters should be matched, and the voltage and current should not exceed the design specifications. In particular, the starting voltage should not be too high, generally not exceeding 40% of the design working voltage.

B. Keep the pipe wall clean, especially remove oil stains and dust. Because these substances will penetrate into the tube at the surface of the high temperature tube wall, blocking ultraviolet radiation.

C. Ventilation is scientific and reasonable. The amount of ventilation must be scientifically calculated. The purpose is to suck the heat generated by the infrared tube out of the tube, so that the lamp works under normal temperature conditions, not the lower the temperature, the better. Ventilation keeps the lamp head temperature below 150 °C. In addition, the temperature of the line, sensor and case in the light box is kept below 90 °C with reasonable air volume.

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