Safety inspection awareness before tunnel furnace use

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Safety inspection awareness before tunnel furnace use

Safety inspection awareness before tunnel furnace use

1. The operator opens the power distribution box tunnel furnace and the fan main power switch, the power indicator light is on, and the exhaust fan is exhausted.

2. Check the temperature displayed in the middle and rear temperature control table before the front panel, automatic coil taping machine from the left to the right of the control panel, the second is the middle section, the third is the rear section, and the displayed temperature is the current drying product. The temperature required.

3. Check whether the safety over-temperature gauge temperature of the front, middle and rear sections of the top of the furnace is within the range of (10 °C - +20 °C).

4. Check whether the frequency and time of the inverter motor running frequency and drying conveying time display table are the frequency and time required to dry the product.

5. Select the drive belt start switch to open the drive belt.

6. Press the wind start switch, the indicator light is on, and the wind motor works.

7. Press the light control start switch and the indicator light will work.

8. Select the material outflow detection switch to be on.

9. Check if the current per phase displayed by the ammeter is floating between (10A and 25A).

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