Development prospects of advanced technology vacuum impregnation machine

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Development prospects of advanced technology vacuum impregnation machine
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  The vacuum impregnation machine has been upgraded with the improvement of China's scientific and technological level. Our Juke Industrial vacuum impregnation machine has also been upgraded into a fully automatic vacuum impregnation machine from a semi-automatic vacuum impregnation machine with advanced technology. The automatic vacuum impregnation machine adopts the PLC control system. The whole impregnation machine process can be completed with one button, and one person can see more than one machine, which brings the company to reduce labor cost and improve production efficiency.

    The use of vacuum impregnation technology is now expanding for the manufacture of large DC motors and power generation equipment such as hydropower and thermal power. Vacuum impregnation machine Due to the advantages of PLC and the field characteristics of vacuum pressure immersion paint, the vacuum pressure immersion paint control system based on PLC control has been vigorously promoted and has a good prospect. China's vacuum technology started late, but in recent years, the Automatic Vacuum Impregnation Machine has been applied to electrical equipment. The vacuum impregnation machine control system has various forms. PLC can fully realize its high reliability, strong control function and convenient programming. The advantages of easy operation and low working environment are applied in the vacuum pressure dipping control system.
    From the development situation at home and abroad, the research and application of vacuum impregnation machine control system has great value, which brings a broad development prospect to the transformer industry. If you have product needs, please call our company Juke Industry to consult this product. Vacuum impregnation machine.

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