The difference between vacuum impregnation machine and ordinary impregnation machine

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The difference between vacuum impregnation machine and ordinary impregnation machine

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The vacuum impregnation machine adopts the stepping motor to drive the precision ball screw with the moving slot lifting type impregnation, which can preset the lifting height; the preset lifting height (the maximum stroke of the sub-slot 60mm; the displacement accuracy ±0.05mm), then the vacuum impregnation machine and What is the difference between ordinary impregnation machines?

  For impregnation of materials with ordinary and special, ordinary impregnation is quite simple, and the products to be impregnated are placed directly into the container containing the insulating paint (Note: the product to be impregnated is free of moisture and grease, and other dopants) In the case of the product, it is recommended that the product be preheated during impregnation.
    The vacuum dipping preheating removes moisture from the product in natural air, fatty oil during production, product grease and other unidentified slag. There is also an important factor - the impregnated paint film is full and the gap is less dead. However, this preheating process seems to have the unspoken rules of the industry. The paint liquid is required to be higher than the impregnated product, and the bubbles in the paint solution are gone. This kind of immersion is labor-saving and time-saving, but the immersed products are not perfect, and there is a certain dead angle without lacquer. Vacuum impregnation (including single and double cylinder vacuum pressure equipment) has obvious effects, such as uniform paint film, no dead angle, good adhesion and so on. The vacuum impregnation machine is now an operation process that cannot be ignored in electronic products. Single-cylinder impregnation I suggest: put the product to be impregnated in the cylinder, and then add a thick and suitable insulating varnish.
  Vacuum impregnation machine The paint liquid is based on a good product. Cover, vacuum, hold for a few minutes, break the vacuum, dry and bake the product. The two-cylinder process and the VPI process are similar: put the product to be impregnated into the impregnation tank (to ensure product quality, please preheat the product first).

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