Automatic vacuum impregnation machine innovative technology operating system

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Automatic vacuum impregnation machine innovative technology operating system

With the maturity of technology, our company introduces high-precision processing equipment and perfect production process at home and abroad, from semi-automatic to fully automatic operating system, which can improve production efficiency and save company cost. The following introduces you to the automatic vacuum impregnation machine innovation technology operating system

1. Fully automatic vacuum impregnation machine adopts stepping motor drive precision ball screw with moving trough lifting type impregnation, preset lifting height; preset lifting height (maximum stroke of sub-slot 60mm; displacement accuracy ±0.05mm); screw lift With high bearing capacity and high control precision, PIN will not stick to varnish water, no need for secondary tin plating; CNC core single-chip control, Automatic Vacuum Impregnation Machine can preset a variety of impregnation modes, with timely, appropriate elimination of bubble function; automatic switch cover, The second automatic vacuuming saves time and effort, environmental protection and energy saving, and can realize single-person multi-machine operation; the whole groove is made of 10MM steel plate, and the double glass observation window can be used to check the immersion situation at any time.

2. Vacuum impregnation machines are divided into three categories: electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic. In the dip coating device, the electric component may generate an electric spark, so it should be used as little as possible. The hydraulic components are accurate and reliable. However, the hydraulic components will inevitably produce less leakage, affecting the aesthetics of the equipment, while the pneumatic components will not generate sparks, and even if there is a small amount of gas leakage, it is a non-polluting gas, which has the advantages that neither of them has. Therefore, the actuator in the device uses pneumatic components. Our fully automatic vacuum impregnation machines are driven by pneumatic components and are safe, stable and reliable.

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