Leakage current tester number tester transformer coil measuring instrument

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Leakage current tester number tester transformer coil measuring instrument

Leakage current tester number tester transformer coil measuring instrument

Leakage current tester number tester transformer coil measuring instrument leakage current tester 匝 number tester transformer coil measuring instrument. The forward and reverse characteristics of the diode are tested to meet the complete test of the network transformer parameters. The multi-parameters are displayed on the display interface of the screen. The human-machine dialogue interface is friendly, easy to use and fast, and is the first choice for power users at all levels. The microprocessor controls all functions digitization, improved DCR test capability, improved DCR test capability of low resistance windings, large screen, full Chinese menu and operation prompts to achieve friendly man-machine dialogue, conductive rubber buttons make operation easier, high brightness True color LCD display, suitable for all seasons in winter and summer. With open circuit and short circuit clear calibration function, the user can print the test data through the micro printer at any time. It can measure the no-load current, no-load loss, impedance voltage, load loss and zero-sequence impedance of various types of transformers. Flexible time stamping system, Vacuum pressure impregnation electric motor equipment file setting, calibration deviation and deduction time can be memorized. Two levels of passwords for administrators and operators to improve test security and reliability. All test results can be saved in record form for review.

Leakage Current Tester The Tester Transformer Coil Meter saves test data or images in a USB memory in CSV, GIF format. Voltage loop width limit: The voltage can be measured up to 750V, and the accuracy can be guaranteed without switching gears. There is no damage to the instrument itself due to the wrong selection of the voltage gear. The upper and lower limits of the alarm function greatly improve the production efficiency. The instrument has high test accuracy and can have a resolution of up to 0.1% after the sample coil is calibrated, which can meet the quality assurance of the production line and the high precision measurement requirements of the laboratory. Multiple file search modes: fuzzy search, precise search, barcode search, etc. Wider impedance measurement range and better small signal test stability. Automatic temperature correction, voltage correction (no-load test under non-rated voltage), current correction (short-circuit test under non-rated current conditions), direct resistance correction, the operator only needs to input the calibration index instrument according to the type of transformer. Calculate the corrected result. Scan the fixture relay self-test function to ensure reliable operation of the scanning fixture. Supports multiple instrument networking through the LAN interface, and the cable interface is optional. The set of 20 settings files in the machine is saved, and the capacity of the U disk is saved. Barcode reading directly calls the settings file,

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