Juke detailed vacuum dip machine immersion insulation paint process

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Juke detailed vacuum dip machine immersion insulation paint process

HY-Z02Q automatic vacuum impregnation machine: automatic switch box cover, secondary automatic vacuuming, saving time and effort, environmental protection, energy saving, single-person multi-machine operation. Automatic Vacuum Impregnation Machine Standard impregnation box: 700*640*300mm+ inner tank 660*500*80mm; then how to use vacuum impregnation machine to dip insulation paint?

   Vacuum dipping-vacuum pressure impregnation process is to pre-baking the workpiece to cool after the tide, put it in a vacuum environment, remove the air and volatiles inside the white coil, rely on the gravity of the paint in the vacuum and the capillary action of the coil, and use the dry Compressed air or inert gas exerts a certain pressure on the impregnating varnish after the vacuum is released, so that the lacquer quickly penetrates and fills the inner layer of the insulating structure.

   In China, vacuum dip coating is still an insulation process for gap operations. The dripping process of the workpiece is carried out in a dip tank, and the drying process is generally carried out in a container or an oven by vacuum drying, atmospheric drying or spin drying.

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HY-Z02Q automatic vacuum impregnation machine physical map:

vacuum impregnation machine physical map.jpg

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