Maintenance manual for transformer core automatic tape machine

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Maintenance manual for transformer core automatic tape machine

Maintenance manual for transformer core automatic tape machine

HY-B02 automatic rubber laminating machine is a multi-functional automatic machine integrating mechanical, electronic and integrated. It is mainly used for the double function of the inter-layer insulation of the high-frequency transformer and the magnetic core-coated tape. It is run by PLC control products and operation panel to perform the whole operation. It Automatic WINDING MACHINEcan automatically enclose rubber, automatically cut rubber, and has good working performance. The fully automatic rubberizing machine is driven by full stepping motor. Free of air pressure, suitable for mass production and independent processing, Dongguan Huiyue Technology automatic rubberized machine operating panel flexibility, replacement product adjustment design unique.
HY-B02 automatic laminating machine also needs daily maintenance like a person. The daily maintenance of the laminating machine is not complicated, as long as you can use your heart.
1. The rubberizing machine should be placed on a stable workbench or table, and the building should be ventilated and dry;
2. Clean up the hygiene before leaving work every day to keep the machine clean and tidy;
3. Regularly add lubricant to the parts that need to be lubricated (size gears and bearings);
4. Do not open the case and plug in the components inside the machine.

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