Juke automatic impregnation machine features

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Juke automatic impregnation machine features

    In the current society, high-tech products are used. Even the automation equipment is used on the production line. For example, the vacuum impregnation machine uses a manual vacuum impregnation machine at the beginning, in order to save labor and improve efficiency. To the fully automatic impregnation machine, what are the characteristics of the fully automatic impregnation machine?

   1. For the tightly structured electronic transformer products, vacuum immersion paint and vacuum pressure immersion paint are often used to improve the vacuum impregnation machine. The process is similar to that of atmospheric pressure dipping paint. The difference is mainly that the atmospheric pressure dipping paint is adjusted to vacuum under the condition of dipping or after vacuum, and several atmospheric pressures are applied to make the paint better penetrate into the iron core. And the inside of the coil, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the quality of the insulation treatment.

     2. The high-efficiency vacuum impregnation machine realizes the mechanized operation of the vacuum dipping paint and the vacuum pressure dipping process, which reduces the labor intensity of the workers and improves the quality and working efficiency of the products.

Juke automatic impregnation machine physical map:

 automatic impregnation machine physical map.jpg

 automatic impregnation machine physical map.jpg

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