Juke automatic impregnation machine features

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Juke automatic impregnation machine features
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Dongguan Juke Industrial Transformer Automation Production Equipment Development Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of impregnation machine. The product technology is mature, especially the Juke automatic impregnation machine technology is quite mature. Here are the characteristics of Juke automatic impregnation machine:

 1. Automatic Vacuum Impregnation Machine Simple operation and high efficiency, an infiltration process can be completed in 45 minutes, and the pass rate of the workpiece is over 98%.

2, 100% reaction curing does not shrink, the cured product is tough and aging resistant, excellent chemical resistant medium, can seal 1.5um ultra-fine pores.

3, easy to clean, does not affect the surface accuracy of the workpiece. It does not corrode metals and is completely harmless to operators and the environment.

4. The impregnation of the powdered parts after sintering can accelerate the processing speed and greatly extend the tool life.

5, castings in the plating, infiltration before painting, can extend the life of the parts, and improve the surface treatment quality.

6. Compared with the cost of inorganic silicate and synthetic resin, although the material cost of inorganic silicate and synthetic resin is only a fraction of that of thermal curing infiltration agent, comprehensive comparison of scrap casting cost and energy consumption is greatly improved. The labor cost of saving efficiency and the heat curing infiltration process of the fully automatic impregnation machine greatly reduce the cost.

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