Juke flip soldering machine features

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Juke flip soldering machine features

Our Dongguan Juke Industrial HY-H02 flip-type soldering machine is a variety of simulation human hand movement curves, and has 360 degrees to set the flip angle function, can weld SMT and PIN TYPE all kinds of vertical horizontal and other products. Below is a brief introduction by Juke Xiaobian about the characteristics of the Juke flip soldering machine.

1. Up and down movement adopts stepping motor to drive the ball screw. The accuracy of the stepping motor is 0.01mm, the soldering depth is accurate and the speed selection is 0-99.

2. The flipping shaft is directly driven by a stepping motor, which has a fast flipping speed, accurate angular positioning and a speed selection of 0-99 segments.

3, with pre-welding function, can effectively reduce the phenomenon of splashing beads.

4, full-featured solder action. The functions of the sub-cup, corner, translation and flux mechanism can be selected at will.

5, the height of the solder can be set 0~76mm.

6, soldering time, the range from 0.1 seconds to 9.9 seconds.

7, double heating tube, short tin dissolution time, temperature stability. Use a lead-free titanium tin furnace.

8. The temperature setting range is up to 500 °C.

Flip soldering machine physical map:

Flip soldering machine physical map.jpg

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