HY-H02 flip type automatic soldering machine main features

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HY-H02 flip type automatic soldering machine main features

1. It adopts single-chip microprocessor design, which has stronger function, smaller volume and strong anti-interference ability.
2, the memory uses FLASH ROM, large capacity, can store 1000 steps of solder information, each step can be set to 9 kinds of solder data, 5 kinds of function selection, solder data will not be lost after cutting off the power.
3. It can change the operation and operation mode for different models and occasions, and the scope of use is wider.
4. The position of the soldering axis can be taught or set by the button, and the data display window can display the current position of the soldering axis.
5. The soldering shaft provides 99-position positioning speed selection.
6, the soldering shaft displacement unit has a wide range of settings, using various types of screw.
7. A set of edit password settings to prevent the setting data from being arbitrarily changed.
8, strong compatibility, can directly replace the same type of controller.

9, the power supply can be divided into AC100~120V and 220V~240V models to choose from.

Huiyue automatic flip soldering machine running video: http://www.huiyuecn.com/info-424.html

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