Note the use of vacuum impregnation machine Detailed

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Note the use of vacuum impregnation machine Detailed

Note the use of vacuum impregnation machine Detailed

The vacuum impregnation machine belongs to a high-temperature operation product, and now belongs to the high temperature weather in Guangdong Province. Therefore, the vacuum impregnation machine must require a hot air circulation during the impregnation process. When using the equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to the fireworks in the impregnation workshop. The fire-fighting equipment must be complete. For carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, operators must have knowledge of fire protection. The impregnation tank is the key equipment of this machine.

The height of the liquid level of the impregnation machine must be observed before operation to avoid affecting the vacuum pump. The hot air circulation duct is ingeniously designed, the hot air has high circulation coverage in the oven, the material is dry evenly and energy is saved. LED dual digital display intelligent instrument temperature control, PID calculation, automatic control, constant temperature, simple operation, accurate temperature control. The time is set arbitrarily from 1 second to 99.99 hours. When the time arrives, the heating is automatically stopped and the buzzer sounds. The oven is rugged and can work at a constant temperature for 24 hours. The internal dimensions, cabinet color, maximum temperature, heating rate, load capacity, shelf method and number of layers can be adjusted according to actual needs. A precision thermostat is used to control the heating system to achieve uniform temperature testing and drying heat treatment. The equipment is suitable for high-tech electronics industry, scientific research institutions, schools, factories, laboratories and other units.
Our machine advantages: vacuum impregnation oven liner A3 cold-rolled sheet steel, shell for cold-rolled sheet, full touch panel, microcomputer PID and SSR control, LED dual digital display, LED digital display timer, independent Over temperature protection, self-diagnosis function.

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