Advanced configuration of CNC winding machine

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Advanced configuration of CNC winding machine
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The CNC winding machine is equipped with the latest synchronous and easy-to-use cable. It has extremely high precision and super intelligent mode. It has self-detection function, including setting error, overspeed tracking and speed calibration. It has the function of overspeed detection. A winding machine that automatically reduces the spindle speed to the most stable state.

Advanced configuration  of CNC Winding Machine

1. Input: AC220V, frequency 50HZ
2, the use of the latest synchronous with the cable, the accuracy is extremely high, ultra-high intelligence mode.
3, large memory capacity, access to 1000 groups of steps.
4, the spindle forward and reverse speed 3000-5000RPM (optional)
5, Ma: 120W DC brushless

6, CNC winding machine body has: automatic function

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