Vacuum impregnation machine man-machine interface

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Vacuum impregnation machine man-machine interface

First, the man-machine interface operation guidelines

1, vacuum impregnation machine the initial screen

After delay, it will automatically enter the main interface and press the reset button on the screen to reset.
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 1.1. When adjusting the product impregnation depth during the replacement product adjustment, the oil tank can be raised and lowered in the manual state. The oil tank position data can be viewed on the main page and entered in the parameter settings. This step is an indispensable action for the adjustment.


2, parameter setting

2.1 Under the initial screen, click to enter the system and enter the following interface.
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  2.2 Under this interface, click on the parameter setting to automatically enter the parameter setting interface.

        2.3 Parameter setting: one vacuum (seconds): the first time to start vacuuming

                     Defoaming time (seconds): exhaust time when the product is controlled

                     Defoaming interval (seconds): Exhaust pause interval when the product is controlled

                     Defoaming times (times): times of defoaming time and interval

                     Impregnation time (seconds): time during which the product is impregnated under vacuum

                     Dip time (seconds): time to replenish vacuum during impregnation

                     Secondary vacuum (seconds): vacuum time drawn when the product is dripped

                     Drying time (seconds): the time the product is dripped under vacuum

                     Pre-dip height (mm): Defoaming action is performed from the pre-dip height to the immersion height, and the defoaming action can be performed when the product is approached, thereby reducing the generation of bubbles when the product is released.

                     Oil immersion height (mm): covers the height position where the product needs to be immersed

                     Dip interval (times): venting during the immersion time, fill interval

                     Leaching time (seconds): During the impregnation process, the exhaust time allows the insulating paint to penetrate into the interior of the product.

     2.4 The parameters set here can be directly exited and saved automatically. The parameter number can be set at the top of the parameter and named for the current parameter number.

Vacuum impregnation machine man-machine interface.jpg

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