How efficient is the automatic winding machine installed in the CNC winding machine?

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How efficient is the automatic winding machine installed in the CNC winding machine?

Our Dongguan Juke Industrial automatic casing machine is used with CNC winding machine and is suitable for CNC winding machine of any manufacturer. At the same time of purchasing our automatic casing machine, our company will install and debug it. After the test is qualified, it will be shipped. Transformer automatic through insulation casing machine can also provide installation video teaching to ensure quality.

1. Automatic casing casing opportunity to use the winding staff to wrap the copper wire head around the PIN foot and the loading and unloading time to fully cut the casing to the specified length, and automatically wear the copper wire head to the casing for use, and manually pull it at the guide. When the copper wire is hung, the copper wire is already threaded on the wire head, and only needs to be positioned by hand while pulling the wire (this action takes less than 0.5S), and the sleeve can be used directly.

2. The working hours required for the automatic casing machine are completely overlapped in the manual working hours by the mechanism. Each winding (which needs to be sleeved) can save at least 5.5 S working hours, greatly improving the production efficiency and reducing the manufacturing cost. .

3. The machine automatically cuts the thread, which reduces the fatigue strength of the operator and helps to improve production efficiency.

4. The casing is automatically cut by the automatic casing machine, no need to pre-process, reducing the processing time and saving investment cost.
5. The qualification requirements for operators are reduced, and new employees can quickly become skilled workers.

HY-R20 automatic casing machine physical map:

HY-R20 automatic casing machine physical map.jpg

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