How to operate the automatic impregnation machine exhaust function?

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How to operate the automatic impregnation machine exhaust function?

   The automatic impregnation machine has the function of exhausting, exhaust filter recycling, environmental protection and recycling double-effect function. Moreover, the screw lift of the automatic impregnation machine has high bearing capacity and high control precision, and the PIN will not stick to the erect water. No need for secondary tin plating. Fully automatic impregnation machine Under such a sophisticated device, how does the vacuum impregnation machine  function?

1. When the vacuum impregnation machine is operated, the object to be impregnated shall be placed in the cylinder, and the cylinder cover shall be closed and locked by the cylinder cover locking device. Vacuuming the negative pressure and holding it for a period of time; press the liquid in the liquid storage tank into the cylinder under the action of the atmosphere, and close the liquid inlet pipe after the liquid reaches a certain height. Pay attention to pressure and pressure.
2, exhaust (exhale empty), open (suck) exhalation nozzle to make the air out of the cylinder. The pressure is equal to the outside of the cylinder. Pressurize and drain the liquid, and pressurize all the liquid in the cylinder by adding positive pressure. At this time, the liquid discharge port is closed. Finally, vent, dry, and take out. The coil is continuously completed in the same dip baking paint cylinder, white blank pre-baking - vacuum low temperature dehumidification - vacuum (pressure) impregnation - paint lacquer lacquer - cylinder bottom cleaning - low temperature drying - vacuum assisted recovery solvent - high temperature curing, etc. process. The entire processing cycle has been shortened from the past few hours to 6-8 hours, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers, improving the working environment, and saving a large amount of insulating varnish. Due to power saving and saving of insulating varnish, the device can be used for one year. Take back all the investment.

3, the cylinder mouth flange is solid steel, after tempering stereotype processing, plane gold processing, will not produce deformation and ensure the sealing effect. The vacuum impregnation process of the automatic impregnation machine can ensure high paint penetration rate, uniform paint lacquer, good insulation performance and high quality, which increases market competitiveness.

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Fully automatic vacuum impregnation machine physical map:

Single cylinder vacuum impregnation machine physical map.jpg

Automatic double cylinder vacuum impregnation machine.jpg

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