CNC winding machine winding calculation method

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CNC winding machine winding calculation method

     CNC winding machine is the number of turns, width and cable that can be designed for winding. How do you calculate the starting point and width of the winding? The following is a detailed explanation of the CNC Winding Machine by Juke Xiaobian.

   The cable lever teaching setting is set by the number keys when setting the winding point, width and cable lever limit. In addition to the position, you can also press [Jump] or [Rewind] to set the teaching position. When setting the winding point and the limit value of the cable bar, the current position of the cable bar is The set number, and the width setting, the controller will calculate the current position and the winding point to obtain the width and automatically determine the direction of the cable.

More relevant parameters of the CNC winding machine address:

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