Detailed explanation of vacuum impregnation machine and maintenance matters

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Detailed explanation of vacuum impregnation machine and maintenance matters

  The vacuum immersion paint of our Juke industrial vacuum impregnation machine is several times shorter than the traditional immersion paint process. It also shortens the time and loss of materials in the dripping process, directly reduces the production cost and improves the  vacuum impregnation machine. Product quality and market competitiveness. Then in the process of using the vacuum impregnation machine, we must pay attention to safety and daily maintenance work.

First, the vacuum impregnation machine matters needing attention
1. In case of emergency, please press the "Emergency Stop" button immediately and notify the site administrator and device administrator immediately after turning off the power.
2. It is strictly forbidden to play around the dipping machine. The impregnation machine should be kept off when not in use or off work.

Second, vacuum impregnation machine maintenance matters
1. The dip plate should be brushed at any time to ensure that the dipping plate is not sticky. Clean the support bar every day to avoid affecting the quality of the dipping.
2. Scrub the lacquer machine casing every day, clean the mother tank every week, and keep the tank free of debris.

3. Ensure that the bottom of the impregnation machine is clean and free of debris, so as not to affect the gas path.

More detailed vacuum impregnation machine parameter address:

Vacuum impregnation machine physical map:

Detailed explanation of vacuum impregnation machine and maintenance matters.jpg

Vacuum impregnation machine physical map.jpg

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