HY-Z02 automatic impregnation machine parameters if set?

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HY-Z02 automatic impregnation machine parameters if set?

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The parameters of HY-Z02 automatic impregnation machine are set according to the user's needs. Automatic Vacuum Impregnation Machine <Immersion height> will be automatically modified to the maximum mechanical stroke if the setting exceeds the actual mechanical stroke. If the stepper motor makes an abnormal howling sound and the actual position of the tray does not match the position displayed on the main screen, please turn down the <Tray Speed> (preferably between 1.0-30.0mm/S) and turn off the power. After a minute, power cycle again. <Immersion Vacuum> and <Secondary Vacuum> can only be set to a negative value between -100 and 0. Press the <+/-> key on the pop-up keyboard to switch to a negative input before entering the value. If the “defoaming” function is not required, set both <Defoaming time> and <Defoaming interval> to 0. If <Defoaming time> and <Defoaming interval> are set, the oil immersion process in automatic operation The center will open and close the intake valve at the set value timing.

If you do not understand the advice and consult with the manufacturer, then set up to avoid abnormalities or. More details are welcome to call our company Dongguan Juke Industrial Consulting!


HY-Z02 automatic impregnation machine physical map:

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