Automation equipment - automatic rubberizing machine

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Automation equipment - automatic rubberizing machine

Automatic rubberizing machine is an automatic equipment that many electronic manufacturers need. Now many companies are carrying out automation transformation. Therefore, the use of more advanced automatic rubberizing machine has become a trend of enterprise development, constantly updating itself. The mechanical equipment to increase the work output is also the goal of every enterprise. Dongguan Juke Automation Equipment Development Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of various automatic packaging machines, automatic casing machine, automatic vacuum impregnation machine and other automation equipment.

Dongguan Juke automation equipment, designed automatic tape conveyor has the following characteristics:
1. Any vertical and horizontal transformers can be covered with rubber, and the replacement varieties are simple and quick, suitable for various operations.
2, Transformer Automatic Taping Machine body has: manual and automatic functions.
3, Transformer Automatic Taping Machine machine comes with a return mechanism, can automatically return material.

Diversified mechanical equipment can better adapt to the needs of the market, Dongguan Juke Industrial, professional equipment generation manufacturer, automatic casing machine, automatic vacuum impregnation machine, automatic soldering machine, automatic winding machine, etc. The automated non-standard equipment is designed according to the needs of customers. Everything meets the needs of customers, please feel free to consult, Dongguan Juke Industry.


Juke automatic rubberizing machine physical map:

Automation equipment - automatic rubberizing machine.jpg

automatic rubberizing machine physical map.jpg

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