Should the tunnel oven drying line be durable if it is maintained?

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Should the tunnel oven drying line be durable if it is maintained?

          Our company Juke Industrial Co., Ltd. selects domestic new thermal insulation materials, strong thermal insulation, vacuum-gold-plated infrared reinforced membrane on the outer surface, good temperature resistance, and can work continuously for more than 6,000 hours. Fully automatic temperature control, saving 2-5 times than traditional vertical oven, saving more than 30%, and high working efficiency. Below, Juke Xiaobian S tells you how to maintain the tunnel oven drying line and then the tunnel oven drying line is durable.

1. Regularly check whether the lamp is not bright. Detection method: During the heating process, check whether the current of the ammeter is normal. If the lamp is not properly observed, it must be inspected.

2. Regularly check whether the drive chain and stainless steel conveying device are in good condition, and replace the gear oil of the reducer regularly (except for the 1/3 month gear reducer).

3. The side sealing plate of the machine adopts an over-tight fit to prevent unrelated personnel from storing the sundries in the machine.

4. When moving the machine, the correct operation method: adjust the foot cup, let the foot cup go off the ground more than 50mm, then move the machine, adjust the foot cup after positioning to keep the equipment level, let the wheel leave the ground about 10mm.

5, repair and maintenance of the machine must be opened when the machine part of the furnace, the correct method of operation:

(1) There must be more than three personnel, and two strong support rods are prepared.

(2) Open the handle bar, two people will open the furnace body upwards, the third person will support the support rod, one end is supported on the furnace body, and one end is supported on the conveying bracket.

(3) Carry out related maintenance and repair, and clean debris and dust after completion.

(4) When laying down, the two prop up the furnace body, one person removes the support rod, and then slowly put down the furnace body.

(5) Only one furnace is treated at a time to ensure safety and OK after completion.

(6) Wipe the lamp once every six months to ensure the baking effect.

Our company Juke Industrial tunnel furnace drying line after-sales quality commitment: free one year warranty, lifelong company service! Our aim: the pursuit of excellence, the future of quality casting products!

For detailed parameters of Juke tunnel furnace drying line, please click: tunnel furnace drying line

Juke Industrial Tunnel Furnace Drying Line Physical Map:

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