Three trends in the future development of fully automatic core winding machines

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Three trends in the future development of fully automatic core winding machines

Three trends in the future development of fully automatic core winding machines

At present, China's fully automatic magnetic core winding machine industry is in its infancy, and the entire industry is still in the dilemma of mutual imitation of technology and cruel price war. The automatic core winding machine combines many aspects of machinery, transmission, electrical control, etc., so basic theoretical research is the basis for the development of new technologies. Only the development of core technologies can promote the advancement of winding equipment, and all aspects are technological development. Efforts will make China's fully automatic core winding equipment gradually embark on the road of independent innovation.

The fully automatic core winding machine is a typical electrical and mechanical processing production equipment. The whole production and processing technology is the finishing and winding process of the structure between the enameled wires. The construction of a winding machine requires many types of automation products, including control systems, transmission control, motion control, human-machine interface and sensors. In the future technological development, the development of automatic core winding machine automation technology The main trends have the following three aspects:

1. Modular function controller will get more applications: modular function controller can be flexibly configured according to the different functional requirements of the winding machine. Compared with PLC, it has strong computing power, convenient communication and low cost. The advantage of the automatic core winding machine is relatively simple and fixed. It is very suitable for the application of modular combined controller. At present, most of the winding machines use PLC and CNC special controller.

2. High-capacity and multi-function models will be popularized: At present, the main automatic core winding machine is mainly for single-axis winding processing, and the function is also relatively simple. Multi-axis linkage winding will greatly improve the work of the winding machine. Efficiency and output, the design can effectively reduce the complexity of the equipment, improve the driving efficiency, facilitate process adjustment, and reduce maintenance. At present, the processing of electromagnetic coils, motor coils and ballast coils has used multi-axis linkage technology; the winding machine is a step of coil processing, and future development will surely integrate various functions to achieve full automatic processing and testing of coils. Complete a variety of auxiliary processes.

3. Development and customization of special models: There are many kinds of coil processing, and the various wires and requirements are used. For those coils with special requirements, domestic manufacturers have chosen to give up. After several years of technology. Digestion and absorption, the technical strength of the winding machine manufacturers are growing. For those models with special requirements, the handling can be much easier. As the processing capacity of the manufacturers increases, the customization cycle is also shortened.

The low level of automation of domestic CNC winding machines and the backward control methods are common problems. It can only be used in applications where the winding requirements are relatively low. High-end equipments have imported equipment from Japan, Switzerland, Germany, etc., while domestically produced equipment can only win customers with low prices in a small market share. The CNC winding machine market is currently in a period of rapid development. On the contrary, the situation of China's CNC winding machine manufacturers is quite difficult. It is not difficult to see that the huge market share is imported equipment and the return of high profits in the domestic market. In the development of new models, there is a strong financial guarantee, and the sales profits of our domestic enterprises are low, the costs in the sales process are removed, and the returns left to the enterprises are already left, so they are constantly improving. Independent innovation ability can only break the current difficult situation in the middle and high-end market with large market share.

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