Basic theory of heat transfer in far infrared heaters

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Basic theory of heat transfer in far infrared heaters

   HY-KO2 far-infrared tunnel furnace is to use far-infrared heating to bake items. The temperature and size can be customized according to customer's requirements. Today, Huiyue Li S introduces the heat transfer of far-infrared heater. Learn the basic theory.

1. Infrared characteristics (wavelength) emitted by objects with different characteristics are different. Infrared rays of different characteristics are easily received by objects with the same characteristics--that is, infrared rays emitted by solid substances are easily absorbed by solids and are not easily absorbed by gases.

2. The form of heat transfer: radiation, conduction, convection.

3. Thermal energy is mainly transmitted (90%) in the form of radiation at high temperatures, and its radiation intensity is proportional to the fourth power of temperature.

4. The absorption capacity of the radiated heat energy is proportional to the surface blackness of the heated object.

5. The thermal energy transfer intensity of a heated object is proportional to the temperature gradient (surface and interior of the object) and inversely proportional to the thermal resistance.

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