HY-Z02 Automatic single cylinder vacuum impregnation machine main accessories

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HY-Z02 Automatic single cylinder vacuum impregnation machine main accessories
HY-Z02 Automatic single cylinder vacuum impregnation machine main accessories

We all know that if you want to quickly vacuum immersion paints for high and low frequency transformers, motors, SMD chip inductors, PCB boards and relays, you can't do without a fully automatic vacuum impregnation machine. Our company's HY-Z02 automatic single-cylinder vacuum impregnation machine is of superior quality and is recognized by major multinational companies. The following main accessories of HY-Z02 automatic single-cylinder vacuum impregnation machine are indispensable:

1. One vacuum storage tank is provided, and two impregnation tanks share one vacuum storage tank. Increasing the vacuum storage tank can increase the pumping speed: the temperature in the gas storage tank can be maintained between 0 and 10 degrees, which can be reduced. The high temperature gas inside the impregnation machine enters the vacuum pump to improve the service life of the vacuum pump. When the vacuum storage tank is not installed, a large amount of water or a small amount of liquid following the gas is directly sucked into the vacuum pump during the vacuuming. When the vacuum oil is mixed together, the service life and vacuum degree of the vacuum pump are lowered, and this phenomenon can be effectively ensured after the vacuum filter is added;

Second, each tank is equipped with a heating liquid storage tank with stainless steel heating tube heating, intelligent temperature control table to control the heating temperature, can accurately control the required temperature. The outer layer of the liquid storage barrel is insulated with aluminum silicate insulation cotton to make the heat loss. Small to reduce energy consumption

3. A set of separate distribution boxes for each tank, using manual control to complete the production process and mechanical opening operation;

4. With liquid filtration gas, two liquid filters are arranged at the junction of the impregnation machine and the liquid inlet pipe of the liquid storage tank. The liquid will mix with a small amount of the mixture during the impregnation process, so a liquid filter is provided in the inlet pipe to make all When the liquid enters the impregnation machine, it needs to be filtered by the filter and then enters into the impregnation machine to improve the liquid dryness, thereby improving the impregnation quality of the product. The filter structure is assembled and can be periodically disassembled and cleaned, and repeatedly used;

5. One set of 3HP vacuum pump; and one set of hydraulic system;

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