Fully automatic transformer winding machine structure

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Fully automatic transformer winding machine structure

Fully automatic transformer winding machine structure

Fully automatic transformer winding machine is the most common type of machine at present. The structure Fully Automatic Coil Winding Machine is divided into horizontal and vertical. We are more common. The horizontal winding machine is a special equipment used to wind the transformer coil. The transformer winding machine is a model of manual cable shaping. The modern model already has an automatic cable series. The transformer is a large electrical component, so the structure of the winding machine is relatively large, and the weight is also based on the winding. The level of the machine ranges from a few hundred kilograms to several thousand kilograms. Due to the continuous application of modern technology on the transformer winding machine, the new model has become more powerful. The appearance of the flexible pre-compacting device replaces the traditional manual tapping. The cumbersome process of shaping, the fully automatic transformer winding machine makes the transformer winding process easier.

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