What causes the infrared tunnel furnace to malfunction?

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What causes the infrared tunnel furnace to malfunction?

What causes the infrared tunnel furnace to malfunction?

When we are operating an infrared tunnel furnace, if the infrared tunnel furnace fails, what is automatic through insulation casing machine the cause under normal circumstances? So how can we solve it?
No display of power
Solution: Check if the power supply has electricity and the fuse is blown;
The fan is running at a small amount or the fan is not running.

(1) Check if the fan motor is reversed (normally clockwise). If reverse, please exchange the two-phase line.
(2) If the fan does not run, please check whether the fan thermal overload relay is overloaded. If overload, please follow the thermal overload.
The red dial code of the appliance is adjusted to the appropriate current indication position.
Temperature does not rise
(1) Check if the mechanical over-temperature protection is adjusted to the proper position;
(2) Check if the ammeter pointer indicates the “9” amp position. If there is no indication, please check if the heating tube is burning.
(3) Adjust the control settings according to the temperature control table manual.
4, automatic heating timing function is invalid
(1) Check if the time relay is faulty. If it is faulty, please replace it.

(2) Infrared tunnel furnace Refer to the temperature control table manual Press and hold the SET button to enter the control setting interface, and then enter the “SL” option to adjust the value to a lower temperature than the set temperature.

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