The origin of the CNC winding machine

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The origin of the CNC winding machine

The origin of the CNC winding machine

1. The CNC winding machine is equipped with the latest synchronous and easy-to-wire cable. It has high precision and super intelligent mode. It has self-detection function, including setting error, overspeed tracking and speed calibration. It has the function of overspeed detection. , can automatically reduce the spindle speed to the most stable state.

   2, CNC winding machine is in accordance with the pre-programmed processing procedures, automatic or semi-automatic winding of the coil. We take the coil wire diameter, number of turns, skeleton groove width, speed and pre-start/brake,CNC Winding Machine winding steps and auxiliary functions (packing tape, self-adhesive wire processing, disconnection self-stop, etc.) according to the winding machine manual. The specified operation method is written into the main control board of the winding machine. These parameters and programs are permanently saved in the main control board. The power-on startup can be automatically read and executed from the storage unit, thus directing the winding machine to work according to the program.

  3. The traditional winding machine is operated by hand. When machining, shake the spindle by hand, look at the number of turns by eye, and grab the wire to join the cable. The modern industry has already used the computerized digital winding machine to wind the wire. The CNC machine can automatically wind any product coil according to the program programmed by the technician. This is what we call "winding machine CNC." CNC systems are widely used in any field of all mechanical equipment, and are the development trend of modern industry and important and necessary technical means. The "CNC" in the CNC winding machine is an abbreviation of Computerized Numerical Control in English.

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