Advantages of Huiyue core assembly machine

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Advantages of Huiyue core assembly machine

Advantages of Huiyue core assembly machine

The working process of Huiyue magnetic core assembly machine is: skeleton feeding → upper core feeding → lower core feeding → assembly → encapsulation → blanking, which can completely replace the cumbersome manual steps. What are the advantages of replacing the manual core assembly opportunity?

1. The machine can be topped by 5 to 6 people, saving labor costs of about 150,000 per year (2,500 monthly salary × 5 people × 12 months)

2, using the automatic feeding mode of the vibrating plate, instead of manual feeding, the deaf can take care of multiple machines, reduce production costs and improve production efficiency Transformer Core Automatic Winding Machine;

3. The output is about 52 to 60 / min;

4. The magnetic core assembly machine adopts man-machine interface control, which is convenient and simple to operate, and has a tape changing reminder function.

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