How to choose CNC winding machine?

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How to choose CNC winding machine?

How to choose CNC winding machine?

CNC winding machine adopts the latest synchronous portable cable, with high precision and ultra-high intelligent mode; large memory capacity, CNC Winding Machine can access 1000 groups of steps; spindle forward and reverse speed 3000-5000RPM (optional)
    CNC winding machine is widely used in the winding processing of various high and low voltage transformer coils. Its coil production is indispensable for the production equipment. The winding machine used is different according to the type of transformer coil. When purchasing equipment, you should choose the right model according to your own product requirements, otherwise it will be easy to appear in the production process and processing capacity.

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HUIYUECNautomation main product series: transformer magnetic core automaticwinding machine, automatic tape machine, automatic vacuum impregnationmachine, automatic flip soldering machine, and so on,Products are widely used in high and low frequency transformers, inductors, ballasts and motor manufacturers.Transformer manufacturers prefer a one-stop solution.

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