CNC winding machine winding example operation

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CNC winding machine winding example operation

CNC winding machine winding example operation

HY-R06 CNC winding machine is a practical actual winding wire diameter:CNC Winding Machine  ∮0.03-0.6mm; the following is an example of CNC winding machine winding operation.

The CNC winding machine tries to input the following information (assuming the winding data is specified to be stored in steps 2 to 3). The second group data of the second group data is taken from the winding point: Undetermined 999.99 Width: 30.00MM 30.00MM Wire diameter: 0.230 MM 0.450MM Total number of turns: 500.0 laps 100.0 laps around the slow train: 2.0 laps 2.0 laps stop slow train: 5.0 laps 5.0 laps high speed: 50% 35% Low speed: 8% 8% Back: 0 0
Note: When the winding point of the second group of data is set to 999.99, it means that when the step starts to wind, the position of the cable bar above the end of the step is continued to line, the width and the left and right borders and the upper jaw. The steps are the same and the direction of the cable does not change. 2.8.1. Use range specification
1, the initial step setting: [starting step] [2] [input]

2. End step setting: [End step] [3] [Input]

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