Automatic impregnation machine failure factor

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Automatic impregnation machine failure factor

Automatic impregnation machine failure factor

Our automatic impregnation machine automatically opens the cover, puts the product in place, and debugs the time. It only needs to press one start button to automatically complete the operation of the whole impregnation machine. After the operation is completed, there is an automatic alarm reminder function. The following is a summary of the factors that will affect the failure factor of the automatic impregnation machine.

1. The vacuum and hydraulic motor do not run. Please Automatic Vacuum Impregnation Machine check whether the overload protector on the electromagnetic contactor has tripped. If it is frequently jumped, check whether the electromagnetic contactor is out of phase or whether the motor belt gear is stuck.

2. The cylinder does not move, please check if there is oil pressure, and then check if the throttle valve on the hydraulic cylinder has been adjusted to the closed position.

3. The automatic action cylinder does not stop falling. Please check if the limit switch of the lower limit of the liquid pan is not working.

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