Fully automatic transformer winding machine ten points operation introduction

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Fully automatic transformer winding machine ten points operation introduction
Fully automatic transformer winding machine ten points operation introduction

This article mainly introduces the matters needing attention when operating the HY-R18 12-axis automatic transformer winding machine, which is divided into the following ten points:
1. Connection of the line: After the online line is finished, the new line is tied with the old line, and then manually pulled to the guide pin and then started.
2. In the automatic working state, the body should not be placed in the middle of the frame trough and the loading tool, otherwise there is a danger of pinching.
3. The path of the line confirms the porcelain eye before starting the machine, and the flywheel of the tensioner must pass a circle. Turning on the unloading switch makes it easy to manually clamp the wire. It must be turned off before starting the machine, otherwise the wire will not be secure.
4. In the event of a power outage or emergency stop, please reset and re-clamp and restart.
5. Please confirm that the electric and compressed air are in place and can only be started after the manual state is reset.
6. Inspection scope of the broken wire: Whether the tensioner is normal, whether the path of the wire is unblocked, whether the skeleton is complete, whether the height of the guide pin is suitable, and whether the wire barrel has been used up.
7. The placement of the skeleton must be guaranteed. If the skeleton is not in place, the loading is damaged. Press the pause button to replace and confirm that all the skeletons are in place and then press the start button. Skeleton stitches need to be corrected, and missing feet should not be placed.
8. The principle of tension adjustment is that the setting is lower when the foot is wrapped and higher when the wire is wound, so as to avoid the subsequent solder disconnection. It can be adjusted according to the actual situation.
9. When changing the line, please touch the upper edge of the barrel to see if there is any foreign material burr, which will interfere with the line and cause the line to break.
10. The appointment button should be used after being very skilled. The fully automatic button must ensure that the skeleton has sufficient time and completion for each cycle. These two buttons are recommended not to be used as much as possible.

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