Transformer uses vacuum impregnation machine for impregnation

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Transformer uses vacuum impregnation machine for impregnation

Transformer uses vacuum impregnation machine for impregnation

Huiyue Technology HY-Z02 automatic single-cylinder vacuum impregnation machine is a screw lift with high bearing capacity and high control precision. The PIN will not stick to the varnish, no need for secondary tin plating. So what is the role of the transformer using a vacuum impregnation machine? Below is a small editor of Huiyue to talk to you about it.

1. The purpose vacuum impregnation machine of the transformer winding dipping paint is to drive out the moisture contained in the insulating material and fill all the space air gap with insulating paint, which can improve the insulation strength and moisture resistance of the winding, and improve the winding. Heat resistance and heat dissipation can also improve the mechanical properties, chemical stability, thermal conductivity and heat dissipation of the winding insulation and delay the aging. The quality of the transformer immersion paint directly affects the temperature rise and service life of the motor.

2. It is required that the dipping paint and drying are strictly carried out in accordance with the insulation treatment process to ensure the good permeability of the insulating paint, the smooth surface of the paint film and the high mechanical strength. The stator windings are bonded into a solid whole.

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