Hui Yue teaches how to operate CNC winding machine input data

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Hui Yue teaches how to operate CNC winding machine input data

Hui Yue teaches how to operate CNC winding machine input data

Huiyue Technology CNC Winding Machine Controller adopts the latest synchronous portable cable, CNC Winding Machine high precision, ultra-high intelligent mode, self-detection function, including setting error, overspeed tracking and speed calibration, with overspeed detection function , can automatically reduce the spindle speed to the most stable state. So how to input data in the operation of money? The following is a detailed explanation by Hui Yue Xiaobian.

   Each CNC-318 controller can transmit data to any controller on the same line via the included RS-485 interface; in the standby state, press the following buttons to transfer three settings to Specified controller:

1. [Step Setting] [COPY][0][00~99][Input]: Transfer the installation setting data to the target machine number.
2. [Step Setting] [COPY][1][00~99][Input]: Transfer the currently used threaded to the target number.
3. [Step Setting] [COPY][2][00~99][Input]: Transfer the edit password to the target machine number.

    When the transfer is threaded, its transfer range is from the start step to the end step.

    00~99 is the target machine number. If the target machine number is set to 00, it is the universal machine number. The winding machine on the same circuit will receive the data regardless of the machine number, so that the data can be received once. Transfer to multiple winders.

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