Huiyue Infrared Tunnel Furnace [Infrared Lamp Advantage]

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Huiyue Infrared Tunnel Furnace [Infrared Lamp Advantage]

Huiyue Infrared Tunnel Furnace [Infrared Lamp Advantage]

Our company Huiyue Technology Infrared lamp: vacuum gold-plated infrared reinforced film on the outer surface, length 450; high temperature line: 62, 42 national standard high temperature first. The following is a summary of the "Infrared Lamp Advantage" of the Huiyue Infrared Tunnel Furnace.

1. High radiation efficiency: transformer core taping machine Since the radiant energy is proportional to the fourth power of the temperature, the temperature of the black red filament is relatively high, so the radiation efficiency is high, ≥85%.
2. Small volume and high radiation intensity.
3, long life; heating lamp is filled with inert gas, life expectancy of 3000-10000 hours.
4, fast; power can reach 80% of full power within 1 second, rapid temperature rise, rapid temperature drop, low thermal inertia.
5. There is no visible light pollution.
6. Infrared heating transfers energy in the form of electromagnetic waves. It is a non-contact, target-oriented heating; heating technology without transfer medium. Its heat transfer speed and speed of light are similar. Therefore, extremely high efficiency can be achieved. This product is mainly for medium and short wave infrared, high energy and short time heating, and its wavelength range is 1 - 5 microns.

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