About the use of automatic transformer winding machine

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About the use of automatic transformer winding machine

About the use of automatic transformer winding machine

It has been a long-standing topic about how to use a fully automatic transformer winding machine to wind a multi-layer transformer with a neat and tight line. There are several major factors that cause a perfect transformer to be wound.
1. Settings for the device.
2. Adjustment of the tension.
3. Concentricity of the winding machine spindle.
4. The standard degree of the skeleton size.
5, the accuracy of the cable mechanism.
6, the outlet location.
7. Consistency of the wire diameter of the wound wire (each wire in a barrel of enameled wire will have certain error-free).
Secondly, the importance of the points above the different wires during the use of the transformer winding machine is different. Just take the copper wire. Round enameled wire. When setting device parameters. The starting point, width, and wire diameter requirements are relatively high. For example, if the wire diameter is set incorrectly, the winding machine will cause an accumulated error. As the error increases, the stacking line or the cable is not tight. In order to avoid this situation, our CNC automatic winding machine series has manual deviation compensation function. Speed is secondary. The flat line is the opposite. The speed of the flat wire must be slow. The consistency of the wire diameter is high for the round wire and the requirement for the flat wire is low. The tension and the spindle concentricity of the winding machine are both high. The consistency of the skeleton is very important for the garden line. Flat wire requirements are lower. The accuracy of the cable arranging mechanism is the key to a winding machine. If the accuracy of the cable arranging mechanism is not high, the winding machine is a pile of scrap iron. The accuracy of the cable mechanism is the key to any wire. The position of the outlet is not high for the two. As long as the distance between the guide wheel of the cable mechanism and the skeleton is ensured, there will be a difference when only the different skeletons are wound.

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