Huiyue automatic rubberizing machine operation program

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Huiyue automatic rubberizing machine operation program

Huiyue automatic rubberizing machine operation program

Dongguan Huiyue Technology Automatic Rubber Gluing Machine can set the number of rubberized laps arbitrarily, (the speed Automatic Vacuum Impregnation Machine can be adjusted arbitrarily); the body has: manual and automatic functions. Let me explain to you the operation procedure of the automatic rubberizing machine.

1. After confirming that the device is normal, turn on the device.

2. Press the manual/auto button to confirm that the “auto” indicator lights up: confirm that the other button lights are not lit.

3, according to the process requirements, adjust the number of laps of the tape.

4. Insert the product that needs to be taped into the fixture correctly.

5. Adjust the tape guide rail accurately, and tighten the tape to pay the product.

6. After confirming the fixed safety, press the “Start” button or step on the foot switch to execute the automatic tape wrapping program.

7. In the course of use, if there is any abnormal situation, stop the operation immediately, turn off the power of the equipment, and notify the professional maintenance personnel to carry out maintenance.

Huiyue warm reminder: the operation process should be concentrated. It is strictly forbidden to do things that are not related to production and maintenance or adjustment. Pay attention to safety protection to prevent being scratched by the blade. When power failure is required, the power must be cut off.

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