Automatic vacuum impregnation machine maintenance matters

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Automatic vacuum impregnation machine maintenance matters

Automatic vacuum impregnation machine maintenance matters

The operation of Huiyue Technology automatic vacuum impregnation machine is to put the produced products into the tank as required, press the “start” button, and the equipment starts to run automatically. In the operation of the fully automatic vacuum impregnation machine, you must remember to take good care of it. Below is a small series for everyone to talk about the maintenance of the automatic vacuum impregnation machine.

1. The dip plate vacuum impregnation machine should be brushed at any time to ensure that the dipping plate is not sticky. Clean the support bar every day to avoid affecting the quality of the dipping.

2. Scrub the dip coating machine casing every day, clean the mother tank every week, and keep the tank free of debris.

3. Ensure that the bottom of the impregnation machine is clean and free of debris so as not to affect the gas path.

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