HY-R20 automatic casing machine 6 features

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HY-R20 automatic casing machine 6 features


Our Dongguan Huiyue Technology automatic casing machine is a special equipment developed to solve the problem of low efficiency and high cost of CNC winding machine manual transformer casing machine. This equipment has trimming wire and automatic casing. Function. The following is a big feature of the HY-R20 automatic casing machine introduced by Hui Yue Xiaobian.

1.Insulation casing automatic through machine The length of the sleeve can be set arbitrarily, and the beginning and end can be selected.
2. This machine can be sent to the tube twice. This machine can be set to wear the sputum section tube, or it can be set to wear two tube. .
3. This machine is suitable for any brand burning machine and can be used directly after installation. Very convenient.
4. The function is very powerful: automatic feeding sleeve, automatic cutting, automatic casing, optimize the production activities of employees.
5. The lead wire is automatically sent out, and the casing is automatically completed.
6. This automatic casing machine is suitable for Teflon casings of 18L~30L and 19L-14L.
This product is suitable for the casing process with a wire diameter of 0.1-1.0mm or 0.8-1.7mm and a quantity equal to 1-60 strands. The principle of casing selection is selected: the inner diameter of the casing ≧ the diameter of the multi-strand wire + 0.15 mm. A rated power: 220V.

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