Core material selection in magnetic core assembly machine

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Core material selection in magnetic core assembly machine

Core material selection in magnetic core assembly machine

The operation function of our core assembly machine: automatic completion of transformer core, skeleton assembly and encapsulation. Work flow: skeleton feeding → upper core feeding → lower core feeding → assembly → encapsulation → blanking. Let's talk about the choice of core material in the core assembly machine.

  Core material selection
From the performance requirements of the transformer, Transformer automatic through insulation it can be known that the traditional thin-belt bismuth steel has been difficult to meet the design requirements of the transformer in terms of frequency and use environment.

  The material of the magnetic core is only considered from several materials such as permalloy, ferrite material, cobalt-based amorphous alloy and ultrafine crystal alloy. Permalloy, cobalt-based amorphous state is high, about several times the ferrite material, and the saturation magnetic induction Bs
It is not very high and the processing technology is complicated. Considering that the power output power we require is not high, it is about 30W. Therefore, we have chosen a higher saturation magnetic induction Bs for the performance comparison of several materials.

The temperature-stabilized, low-cost, easy-to-process, low-cost zinc-manganese ferrite material, and the EI28 with this material as the frame to wind the pulse transformer in this example.

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