Dongguan Huiyue Vacuum Immersion Machine Company promises

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Dongguan Huiyue Vacuum Immersion Machine Company promises

Dongguan Huiyue Vacuum Immersion Machine Company promises

Dongguan Huiyue Technology adheres to the service standard of “all-round, high-quality, fast” and aims at customer satisfaction.vacuum impregnation machine With high quality products, good reputation and excellent service, our products are sold well in the country more than 30. Provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions, and exported to Vietnam, South Korea and other countries. Dedicated to win-win cooperation with domestic and foreign businesses, and common development, create brilliant! I hereby disclose my service commitment:

Company commitment
1. Our company has set up a tough emergency service team. Experienced field engineers and senior technicians can rush to the scene and repair and replace any problems that arise.
2. During the delivery of the equipment, the staff of our after-sales service department will conduct telephone tracking consultation according to the customer's contact information until the customer is satisfied.
3. All complaints about equipment quality were replied within 1 hour, rushed to the scene within 24 hours, and the treatment measures were determined according to the circumstances of the complaint, and repairs and replacements were made.
4. Our company promises that all maintenance personnel will be on call to better solve problems for customers.
5. The cost incurred by the equipment quality during the warranty period shall be borne by our company.
6. Due to improper use of yours during the warranty period, or due to the natural environment, we will provide repairs free of charge. The materials and accessories used for maintenance will only be charged at the cost price.

7. For equipment that exceeds the warranty period, our company promises to conduct regular door-to-door inspection and maintenance.

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