Dip welding operation mode of flip type automatic soldering machine

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Dip welding operation mode of flip type automatic soldering machine

Dip welding operation mode of flip type automatic soldering machine

As long as the substrate with the flux is placed on the needle holder and then the foot switch is applied, the various substrates can be soldered at one time, from the oblique angle of the substrate to the horizontal dip soldering.

The angle between the tin and the substrate is controlled by the microcomputer. The principle of manual dip soldering is completely simulated. The personnel are free of training. Anyone can dip the soldering operation without familiarity. The welding quality is stable and the production efficiency can be improved.

Why do customers choose flip-type automatic soldering machines?

Flip type automatic soldering machine application range:
First, the production batch is large, and the specifications are many, and the main one is the direct plug-in. One machine can be used universally, no need to adjust the machine, compared with the wave soldering efficiency, but the cost is greatly reduced, the quality is guaranteed.
Second, there are manufacturers of instruments and equipment, PCB specifications, but the number is very small, manual immersion tin requires high level of proficiency of employees, high cost of wave soldering, so choose flip type automatic soldering machine
Third, for some relatively large plates will be deformed during the process of immersion tin, and the PCB will not be deformed during the immersion tin process.

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