Huiyue flip soldering machine features

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Huiyue flip soldering machine features

Huiyue flip soldering machine features

Compared with the automatic soldering machine we said earlier, Dongguan Huiyue Technology's straight-up flip-type soldering machine is more advantageous in the processing of soldering.


   We know that it is difficult to control the temperature and heat of a soldering machine. It is easy to cause a failure because of Angular Soldering Machine the high temperature or low point. However, this aspect will not appear in our straight-up flip-type soldering machine. It is more to refer to other contents, so that we can feel how good the whole environment is, so that it will give us a lot of good results. positive influence.

Flip soldering machine features

1, can achieve "except tin slag, send tin cup, tin surface detection", "plus rosin", "plus tin", "tin temperature monitoring" and other functions.

2, can achieve "0 ~ 360 degrees pin foot solder, tin tin", "probe detection solder position" complex functions.

3, through the system parameter configuration, simple realization of the initial state of the machine: such as before or after the tin.

4. Multi-station dip/solder action can be realized through communication port with other auxiliary control systems.

5. It can realize the popular dipping/soldering machine in the market such as “straight up and down” and “straight up and down with flip”.

6, can achieve a variety of complex non-standard dip / solder equipment action by configuring system parameters.

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