Fully automatic flip soldering machine device configuration

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Fully automatic flip soldering machine device configuration

Fully automatic flip soldering machine device configuration

Fully automatic flip soldering machine
   Our automatic flip type soldering machine is no need for human hands. The whole process is machine operation, instead of manual, including automatic feeding, automatic rosin, automatic soldering, automatic material return, optional simultaneous soldering, or 360 degrees. Flip function, the capacity is 66000-69000PCS per day.

  1, Angular Soldering Machine using titanium alloy tin furnace, in line with the lead-free environmental protection system

  2, equipped with affinity human-machine interface, full Chinese display

  3, using CNC high precision positioning

  4, automatic detection of errors, so that the operation is free of detection troubles

  5, with teaching mode, can be used simply

  6, can set the rotation angle arbitrarily 360 degrees

  7. Four-station station (automatic feeding, adhesive flux, automatic soldering, automatic cutting), which is completed in a few times, saving time.

  8, can automatically define the action mode to overcome the problem of manual soldering and multi-angle action sequence

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