Reversing soldering machine requirements for high frequency transformer soldering

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Reversing soldering machine requirements for high frequency transformer soldering

Reversing soldering machine requirements for high frequency transformer soldering

Our Dongguan Huiyue Technology HY-H02 flip type soldering machine is a variety of simulation human hand movement curves, and has 360 degree arbitrarily set flip angle function, can weld SMT and PIN TYPE various vertical and other products. The flip-type soldering machine should be uniform and smooth for tin plating of high-frequency transformers. It Transformer Angular Soldering Machine must not be cold-welded, over-welded, leak-welded, welded, oxygen-welded or tin-plated. The following is a detailed introduction to you by Hui Yue Xiaobian.
1. When the Pin foot is IPin (vertical Pin), the tin tip can be left but the tin tip length is no more than 1.5mm.

2, leaving the tin tip, the pin in the vertical direction can leave the tin tip and the tin tip length should not exceed 1.5mm.

3. The bare wire part of the PVC wire (multiple strands) must not be scored or broken, and there should be no copper or glue after soldering, or other impurities.

4. Flux (FLUX) must use a neutral solvent.

5. The tin furnace temperature must be maintained between 450 °C and 500 °C. The soldering time varies with the wire diameter, as follows:

(1) AWG#30 line or above (AWG#30, AWG#3*.) 1 to 2 seconds.

(2) AWG#21~AWG#29 line... ) 2 to 3 seconds.

(3) AWG# below line 20 (eg AWG20, AWG19) for 3 to 5 seconds.

6. Tin bar for tin furnace, the standard ratio of tin to lead is 60/40. About 1/3 tin furnace of new tin must be added every month.

7. The tin surface of the product to be immersed once per weld must be kept clean.

8. Clean the tin furnace once a month and add new tin to the tin furnace.


1, white bag Bobbin contains more tin oil, soldering time can not be too long.

2, plastic Bobbin is not resistant to high temperatures, prone to packet welding or Pin shift.

3, can not burn (hot) bad tape.

4, the three layers of insulated wire must be peeled and then tinned.

5. The minimum clearance between solder joints must be above 0.5mm.

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