Reversing soldering machine solder filter requirements

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Reversing soldering machine solder filter requirements

Reversing soldering machine solder filter requirements

Our HY-H02 flip-type soldering machine is a variety of simulated human hand movement curves, and has 360 degree arbitrarily set flip angle function, which can weld SMT and PIN TYPE all kinds of vertical and horizontal products. So what are the requirements for the filter to use the flip soldering machine solder?

壹, soldering machine requirements:
1. The temperature of the tin furnace is between 400 ° C and 450 ° C.
2. Flux concentration is 1:1 (adjusted according to customer requirements).
3, Pin needle with flux (small amount).
4. Insert the foot into the tin furnace obliquely. The tin plating depth is until the bottom of the pin is pinned to the bottom of the pin. Leave it for 1~2s.

Transformer Angular Soldering Machine Second, solder precautions
1, the solder must be even and smooth, can not have cold welding, leakage welding, welding, oxygen welding or tin.
2. The tin surface should be kept clean when soldering, and there should be no sundries. In order to prevent debris from getting into the pin needle, it is bad.
3. Do not take too fast when the solder is finished, so as not to cause the soldering point to be too large.
4. The tin tip generated during side welding should not affect the appearance. It is best not to have a tin tip.
5. Control the flux concentration ratio, otherwise it will affect the solder quality.

6, the solder can not let the tin surface touch the copper wire, copper wire and the skeleton can not have tin slag.

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